Usagii Virtual Experiences

Here at Usagii, we build 3D web experiences for those who enjoy creating and exploring with each other. Our stuff is best viewed within the 3D web environment, JanusVR. With services like the Wikiverse, and universes geared torwards exploration, like The Dot Matrix, you'll have a tough time running out of things to do!

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Our Websites

The wikiverse provides an architecture for a shared experience within JanusVR. Users are invited to create their own pages within the wiki for both entertainment and informational purposes. With a wide arrange of traditional wiki tools, you are given the ability to manage your content to the nth degree, as well as add to the collaborative workspace of other users. These spaces are ever evolving fields for rapid prototyping and discovery, as well as a museum for people, places and things.

A social club and retro throwback room for fans of video gaming and its unique history. With tons of little demoscenes hidden amongst the walls of this mysterious club, who knows what you'll find?