Good Practices

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Markup Etiquette

  • All FireboxRoom Markup should either be stored in a comment, or put in its own section.
  • All links referenced in the FireboxRoom Markup should be added to a "Portals" section.
  • External links should be added to an "External Links" section.
  • Internal links should be relative and follow this format: "index.php?title=Example"

Metaverse Section Etiquette

  • All Metaverse rooms can have a 'Rules' section established by the founder of that room with at least one entry defining the theme or restrictions of the room. However, these rooms cannot conflict with Wiki rules.
  • Do not auto load or remove the text from portals that lead external content and sites.

Encyclopedia Section Etiquette

  • You should cite your sources on the two dimensional webpage by using the ref tags, and by having a references section.
  • The three dimensional webpage should contain only content relating to the topic, and present the two dimensional information in some easily visible form.