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Creating a room on this wiki is easy. The wiki's 2d layout follows the standard Mediawiki markup format. However, this wiki also allows for users to write Fireboxroom markup. The goal of this wiki is to provide a space where people can collaborate on projects with each other, and self moderate their projects through the use of the rollback functionality included with Mediawiki.

Room Types

Rooms are categorized by two main types. There are (Metaverse) rooms, which are rooms provided for collaborative building, and (Encyclopedia) rooms, which are geared towards creating a 3D encyclopedia, with citations provided in the 2D layout.

New Pages

To create a room on the Wiki, simply create a page, and put Fireboxroom markup into a comment. The 2d page can be used to provide an "at a glance" layout of the room and its contents.


Categories cannot be populated with Fireboxroom code. They simply serve as automatically indexed hallways that generate portals to their contents.

Useful Resources

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Good Practices