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To experience this page in 3D with other users, visit it in JanusVR!

The wikiverse is a shared space for people to collaborate on rooms in virtual reality.

Content here can be viewed in both two dimensions, and three dimensions within the JanusVR client.

Markup here may be edited by others for varying purposes.

Check out our tutorial to learn how to add content and make your own room!

Main Categories

Please make sure you read the Rules and Good Practices pages before making any edits.

The rules between portions of this wiki differ.

  • Category:Metaverse - An area for collaboration with other users. Use this as a shared building space.
  • Category:Encyclopedia - A place to learn about various topics. Use this for objective, informative articles and spaces.

Notable Subcategories




  • Category:Resources - A category for information on the website itself, and other VR concepts that relate to the building process.
  • Category:Janus - A category for JanusVR users specifically.