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Please respect the basic etiquette of this wiki and others' creations! Also check out our Good Practices page for tips on how to write clean code.

Vandalizing the wiki will result in a block from editing.

If you'd like to start your own wiki, please visit this website to download the MediaWiki template.

As long as you're making positive contributions to the wiki, and allowing space for others to contribute, there's not much you have to worry about.

Have fun!

Goals of this Site

This website is an experimentation in using a MediaWiki to encourage not just Wiki page development, but creation of a 3D metaverse. Using JanusVR, one can go inside the Wiki pages and make changes as they see fit, placing images and models around a room whilst documenting their modifications to the XML. Others can then come in, and do the same. It's actually quite a handy system! If someone screws up your work, it's not an issue. You can simply roll back any modifications made to your room that may have been malicious.

The wikiverse also provides an interesting method of navigation through content. Category pages are automatically turned into three dimensional hallways. You might even bump into someone browsing around the halls!


  • Please tag rooms with Mature content with the suffix (Mature)

Example: Mature_Room(Mature)

  • Please don't post malicious content.
  • Linking to illegal content is prohibited.
  • Do not excessively create Metaverse section pages. If you do not plan to maintain your page, it may be deleted. Please commit to a project and see it through, instead of crowding up the wiki for others.